Aloe Vera Juice Ready-to-Drink Health Care for balancing Stomach Acid

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  • Brand Name:AloeCure
  • Application:Health Food
  • Product Name:Pure Aloe Extract
  • Volume:500ml
  • Ingredient:Organic Aloe Vera
  • Function:Immune, Digestion Support
  • Usage:Daily Dietary Supplement
  • Flavor:Organic Natural/Organic Lemon/Grape Flavor


* Proprietary SATT Aloe Processing Technology.
* Produced at the source-12 Hours from Fresh Aloe Leaves to Products.
* Effectively Maintains The Vitality of Aloe Vera and All of Its Active Nutrients.

Qualifications of AGHG
* ECOCERT Organic Certification
(EU, US Standards)
* GMP, ISO22000
* Protected Eco-Origin Product
Taking AloeCure Pure Aloe Extract is Safe, Easy and Effective.
1. Drink 60ml (2 oz.)morning and evening as a natural dietary supplement for improving health.
2. Drink before alcohol consumption to reduce the damage of alcohol on the stomach.
3. Drink after alcohol consumption to reduce symptoms of drunkenness.
4. Can be mixed with honey or fruit juice.
Shelf Life: Two years.