Baby Diapers Bio Degradable, Disposable Cloth Diapers Cotton Material

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  • Absorption:Soft Breathable
  • Age Group:Babies
  • Anti-Leak:3D Leak Prevention Channel
  • Size:XXL, XL, XS, M, L, S, newborn (up to 10 lbs)
  • Diaper Type:Disposable
  • ADL:White and Blue
  • Wetness Indicator:glue line
  • Waist Band:White Elastic Film


Product Description


1)Cloth-like soft and breathable backsheet: Discharge heat and immediately disperse moisture.
2)Imported material:Japanese SAP and American fluff pulp make the cotton core ultra soft high absorption and natutral to baby skin
,deeply care to babies.
3)Widen absorbent core:Increase the absorption and safe to use for the whloe night
  • Second:
1)3D-Leak guard:prevent the side leakage efficiently
2)ADL:To keep the diaper topsheet dry and comfortable
3)tape:best fixing baby’s diaper and ideal for reapted use


1)Elastic waist band:Best fitting baby’s waist and preventing the back leakage