Body Stomach Slimming Fat Burning Gel Losing Weight Belly

$2.64 $2.60
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  • Product name:hot massage sweat cream slimming tightening sex cellulite cream
  • Brand:MELAO
  • Function:helping to reduce fat cells in the abdomen,hips,thighs legs
  • Type:All skin Type
  • Color:Yellow
  • Age Group:Adults


Product Description
This hot cream is the perfect solution to tired sore and aching muscles as well as saggy dimpled skin. Natural skin tightening cream for aging skin helps improve skin texture and tone. Muscle relaxant hot cream targets tightness, stiffness and back pain as well as rippled and bumpy skin on the thighs and belly. This comprehensive skin moisturizer tightens, lifts, firms, and smooths your skin gently.