Hair Growth Extract Repair Hair Loss Liquid Smoothing Serum

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  • Brand Name: oem
  • Type: Cream
  • Ingredient:AMINO ACID, Natural herbal hair treatment extract
  • Feature:Color-Protection, Nourishing, instantly recover hair vitalit


About the product

Return to the classic, restore freshness and newborn, re-shaping the

interior of hair, doubled increase the softness and smoothness. Hair Growth extract Hair repair Loss Liquid smoothing Hair Serum

High-end materials, multiplied activate toughness of hair core..

Focus on the effect, instantly recover hair vitality

Size: 12ml * 15

1) Use professional cleaning shampoo to clean the hair twice. (don’t use conditioner)
2) Use a towel to wipe the hair 60% dry.
3) The hair cross partitions, each district subdivided 3-5cm thickness hair piece.
4) The concentre vita-keratin evenly sprayed on hair piece, use a dense-toothed comb to comb hair 5-8 times. Each hair piece will repeat the operation.Hair Growth extract Hair repair Loss Liquid smoothing Hair Serum
5) All hair pieces are finished, stay five minutes.
6) spray onto the hair piece with above 50 degrees warm water, and then use fine-toothed comb to comb 5-8 times, stay 10 minutes, then flush (don’t use shampoo)