New Solar System Energy Storage Lithium Battery

$1,200.00 $900.00
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  • Cycle life:6000+ Cycle
  • Protection:BMS Protection 100A 200A
  • Composed Type:16S, Max 32 Parallel
  • Discharge Current:100A 200A
  • Discharge Voltage:58.4V~40V
  • Communication:With CAN RS485 RS232
  • Application:Off/On-Grid, Home Storage,
  • OEM/ODM:Customized LiFePO4 Battery Pack


Main Features:

1. Lighter in weight, heavier on power than lead acid battery.
2. Use a grade cells. More than 3000 cycle times.
3. Max discharge continuous current, 1C TO 3C 5C.
4. Maintenance free. Can connect in parallel and series.
5. Safer performance. batteries have passed different safety tests.

6. Optional: Lithium Battery built with BMS